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“This letter is to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to iDirect Home Loan Specialist Mr. Angel Duran. During the process of refinancing my home an impasse was reached when I could not provide my year 2014 Federal & State tax return documents due to a fraudulent return filed in my name. I had been in touch with the IRS for the past 2 years trying to get the matter resolved but had made little progress after many, many attempts at doing so. Each time I went to the local IRS office in Santa Rosa, Ca., or contacted an IRS official in Washington, D.C. I would get blank stares or simply no answers pertaining to my situation.

When Angel Duran became aware of my situation he went to work for me! He contacted IRS officials in California and Washington, D.C. on a number of occasions and due to his persistence and dedication, my year 2014 IRS situation has finally been resolved and my long awaited 2014 tax return will be a reality very soon. My IDirect home loan of course was also made possible due to Angel’s persistence and knowledge of IRS practices.

Many Thanks!”

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