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4 Ways MILLIE Helps Military Families

4 Ways MILLIE Helps Military Families

By Alexis Miller

Recently, iDirect Home Loans gave the MILLIE team and I the opportunity to host a Facebook Live on their page. This was a chance to not only talk about the partnership between MILLIE and iDirect, but to talk about the ways in which MILLIE helps military families PCS.

If you missed the Facebook Live video, you can scroll down to read the recap. Otherwise, if you want to see the video in its entirety, you can click here to access it.

The MILLIE Mission

MILLIE was founded by two Army veterans and is run entirely by veterans and military spouses. My team can relate to the stress that many military families experience when they receive orders to PCS. MILLIE was born from the idea of wanting to reduce that PCS stress and make frequent moves easier for military families.

Four Ways MILLIE Helps Military Families

1 – Installation Guides

With the above mission in mind, MILLIE helps military families in four ways. First, we provide Installation Guides on duty stations across the U.S. These guides go into detail about the base, the off-base neighborhoods, local housing marketing, schools, amenities and more. We cover almost everything you need to know when moving to a new area and deciding where to live. It’s crucial information that’s been curated entirely by military spouses and helps you form a realistic expectation of what your new duty station will be like.

2 – Scouts

Second, we have our Scouts, who are military spouses and your boots on the ground service. If you’re looking for a home long-distance, you can hire a Scout to take pictures or video of a property you’re interested in, do a recon of a neighborhood, give you a run-down of the base, and even help you with landlord duties should you decide to maintain a rental property at your current duty station. They reduce the risk associated with renting sight-unseen and can help military families find a great home in their new location.

3 – AgentHero Network

Third, we have our AgentHero network. This is our network of veteran and military spouse real estate agents who all have experience with the VA Loan and working with military families. They’ve PCS’d during their time with the service, and understand the unique challenges military families face when PCS’ing. And, when you use one of our AgentHeroes, you have the opportunity to earn cash back on your home purchase! That’s money right back in your pocket which can really ease your financial worries during a PCS.

4 – Mortgage Resources 

Lastly, we have our Find A Mortgage Lender page on our website. This makes finding a mortgage lender with a reputation for excellent customer service easy. iDirect is on that page and we have personally vetted them for the outstanding customer service and care they show military families. We love working with them! On that page you can also read up about the VA Loan and learn more about the process of taking advantage of this benefit.

If you’re a military family who is preparing to PCS, know that you’re not alone. Whether you’re looking for a rental property or need to buy a home, there are great resources available to help you make the right decision for your family. Connecting with MILLIE at the start of your PCS process is a great way to reduce your stress throughout the move. If you’d like to learn more, visit us at

Thanks again to iDirect for the opportunity to talk about MILLIE! We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity!


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